Teroldego Rotaliano

Wine category: 
rosso maturo
Trentino Alto Adige

Teroldego Rotaliano is an important DOC red wine from Trentino. It is produced in the province of Trento, in the Piana Rotaliana, a peculiar flat land in the middle of the mountains of the region, which, thanks  to its pebbly and rocky ground, favors the creation of a very structured wine.

The grape variety is the homonimous Teroldego, whose name comes from the German Tiroler Gold, i.e. Gold of the Tirol or perhaps from the Tirodola grown in the Verona area. The territory is a wonderful lamd surrounded by the Alps along the course of the river Adige, known worldwide for food and wine products such as Trento Spumante DOC, DOP fruits such as Mela Val di Non and Susina di Dro, and the Asiago DOP cheese.

Teroldego Rotaliano is a ruby red wine, tending to garnet as time passes. Scents are quite intense with traces of violet, ripe red fruit, jam and sweet spices. It features a warm and structured taste with a nice balance between freshness, softness and very delicate tannins. It has a long lasting taste with traces of bitter almond.

The best couplings for this wine are grilled meat, stewed fowl and aged cheese. Try it with a fillet in crust or with a Spressa delle Guidicarie DOP sauce.