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rosso giovane
Catanzaro, Cosenza

Savuto is a river moving along the highway South of Cosenza, on the Tirreno side of Calabria from whom this particular red wine takes its name. It is particular because, while other Calabria wines have strong Mediterranean features, Savuto a wine with an "international style". 

Already known and appreciated by the Latins with the name of Santum, it is produced today in a limited quantity, in one of the most characteristic wine-growing areas of the region, with a valuable landscape and culture.  A mountainous land in the middle of the Savuto territorial association, where the vineyards comes down the warm and sharp mountains towards the valley of the river, on narrow terraces fenced by huge stones. 

The vines used for Savuto are different and come traditionally by the area of production, mainly gaglioppo and then greco nero, nerello cappuccio and magliocco canino, with a possible addition of sangiovese and malvasia bianca. This is why the wine can get different features depending on the grape varieties. But usually it is a ruby red wine or cherry red, with characteristic scents of fruit, plums and cherries. It is a dry wine, with a good structure and balance, it is a good match with cold cults typical of this area such as Dop Capocollo di Calabria DOP and Soppressata di Calabria. It is also excellent with savoury main courses as pasta con le sarde or roasted goat or medium-aged cheeses. The Superiore version, which needs to rest for two years, can be suitable for ageing.