Salice Salentino Rosso

Wine category: 
rosso giovane
Lecce, Brindisi

Salice Salentino is one of the most representative wines of Puglia. Local producers have been working on this wine, with excellent results, to improve the quality of the products of this wonderful region. In fact, Puglia has always been one of the greatest regions producing wine in Italy, particularly "cutting" wines with high percentage of alcohol vol. The trend anyway has changed, thanks to the introduction of new vines in the region, but above all thanks to the improvement of breeding systems and equipments used, Puglia, beyond its beauties, can also boast about numerous Quality Wines Routes, an attraction for many fans of wine, food, art and nature.   

The wine takes its name from one of the towns where it is produces, 20 Km from the baroque city of Lecce. We are in Salento, the so-called  “tacco d’Italia” (the heel of Italy), a strip of land between the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Sun, sea and wind are the main characters of this land, poor of water and rich in tradition. The gastronomic quality is among the highest in Italy, divided between foods belonging to the sea and to the country. The landscape is almost everywhere cultivated with gigantic centuries-old olive trees, fenced in by small dry-stone walls and with vines and gardens.  

Salice Salentino Doc includes different varieties of wine, but the most important and best known are Red and Rosè, both produced from local tratitional vines: mainly negro amaro and black malmsey of Lecce and Brindisi. Salice Salentino Rosso is a ruby red wine with violet shimmers, intense scents, fruity and aromatic, well structured, warm, balanced and slightly tannic. It is a good match with structured and savoury first courses, meats and aged cheeses.