Rosso Piceno

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rosso giovane
Ascoli Piceno

Marche is a region of great wines, both white and red. The Doc Rosso Piceno has been the very first in the area. This is a wine with ancient origins, going back to a pre-Romans population called Piceni to whom it owes its name. Rosso Piceno is produced in a wide area of Marche going from the Adriatic Sea to the Sibillini Mounts and arriving beyond Ancona Province on the Northern side. Within this area, but in a restricted zone in the Province of Ascoli Piceno, Rosso Piceno Superiore is produced, representing a real “cru” of this Doc.

A travel to discover food and wine in this land is certainly the best way to taste its tradition. A cuisine centred on simple and intense flavours, as the famous Oliva Ascolana del Piceno Dop, the typical spread salami Ciauscolo Dop as well as apples, honey and the truffles of Monti Sibillini.

The variety used for Rosso Piceno and for Rosso Piceno Superiore are sangiovese and montepulciano, two emblems of the Italian wine, that in this area are perfectly mixed giving birth to wines with an important structure and pleasent flavour balance. 

The colour is ruby red, more intense and with garnet shimmers in the Superiore version. The flavours are mostly fruity of plum and black cherry. The Superiore version, thanks to the one-year ageing in barrel, has darker marks of jam, dry red fruit and spices as cocoa and licorice. In the mouth it brings all its flavours enveloped in a warm and structured body, together with a sensible, but not pushy tannin. 

The best way to taste it is with local cold cuts, with tasty and savoury first courses , elaborate main courses with meat and aged or sharp cheese as Casciotta d’Urbino Dop.