Roero Rosso

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rosso giovane

Beyond the more popular Arneis, in the Roero land also the nebbiolo grapes have excellent results, giving birth to another wine of the same Docg, Roero Rosso. The land of Roero is in the North-Est area of Cuneo Province, on the bank of the Tanaro river opposite to the Langhe and Alba. The name comes from the Roero family who, since the Middle Age and for many centuries ruled on these lands. As the near Langhe, Roero is an amazing touristic and cultural site for its several castles and medieval villages and for its wine and food products. 

On the steep slopes of these soft hills, where other plants find it difficult to grow, the grapes and nebbiolo in particular, thanks to the sandy and dry grounds, provide a perfumed and fragrant wine, different and more drinkable than other versions known as Barolo e Barbaresco.

Roero Rosso has a nice and intense ruby red colour that can lean towards garnet with ageing. The scents are delicate and typical of wild berries as raspberry and strawberry. As for the taste, Roero Rosso is not a very structured or tannic wine, but dry, warm and soft, these features makes it an excellent meal companion. It is an easy match with many first courses and with simple main courses as red meats, medium aged cheeses as the typical Tome Piemontesi Dop. With the Riserva version more risky couplings can be tried as game and braised meat.