Frascati Superiore

Wine category: 
bianco giovane

Frascati has been one of the Italian most famous wines for long time, even if its name was related to the idea of a pale, light and characterless wine. During the last fifteen years vine-growing in Lazio has gone through a radical transformation and Frascati has become the emblem of this change. Frascati is the name of a small town in the Province of Rome where the homonymous wine is produced. It is located in the ancient area of volcanic hills called Castelli Romani, that today is a National Park. Thanks to the volcanic ground, rich in mineral salts, and to the climate softened by the lakes and the sea, the vine has found here a perfect habitat since the time of the Romans.  This area is well-known for its Renaissance and Baroque manors, summer houses of the Pope's court of XVI century and for several fortifications built by baronial families after the Empire's fall and then transformed into Medieval castles. 

Local cooking is soaked with Rome and its thousand-year-old history. Ranging from the poor cooking tradition, to savoury meat and fish dishes until vegetables, all influenced by the near regions of the Jewish tradition, food and wine in the Province of Rome mean taste, passion and conviviality. 

Frascati Superiore represents all this and today, with the best vine-growing methods, advanced technologies and the re-introduction of local high quality and low output vines as Malvasia Puntinata, together with the more traditional Malvasia di Candia, many producers make of this wine an asset. Intense straw yellow, with scents of white flowers and fruits and a balanced taste, it is fresh and moderately structured and persistent. It can match with many dishes of the Lazio cooking, as pasta alla carbonara, pasta with broccoli, or the typical Abbacchio Romano IGP and with fried dishes as the famous Carciofo alla Giudia (Jewish-style Artichoke), Carciofo Romanesco del Lazio IGP.