Carignano del Sulcis

Wine category: 
rosso maturo

This red wine, with limited distribution, is one of the delights of the oenological heritage of Sardinia, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean sea. It is produced in Cagliari Province, in the Sulcis land, the eldest geologic area in the island, it keeps the beauty of a thousand-years-old land almost unchanged. The region is characterized by an uneven coast which ranges from hills to wide plains, and in the inland parts by rugged mountains. 

Carignano is a very old grape variety, probably introduced by the Phoenicians. It is one of the few varieties still unharmed by philloxera and cultivated ungrafted, it is a witness of ancient tastes. The vineyards are located mainly along the coast, among amazing white shores surrounded by natural pine-trees and centuries-old junipers, where this grapes adapted themselves to withstand the high winds blowing from the sea and the dry and sandy lands of Sulcis. These conditions enrich the wine with vigour and scents. 

It is produced in different versions: Red, Novello, Superiore, Riserva, Passito and Rosè, but the best and most representative  interpretations are Rosso Superiore and Rosso Riserva.

Carignano del Sulcis is an intense ruby red wine with garnet shimmers. The scents are complex and intense and can range from fruit to herbs and flowers of the Mediterranean scrub, from orange zest to pine needles, evolving towards spicy and sweet spots. It is not an extremely full wine, but it is warm and well-structured, balanced by a pleasent tasty note more than by acidity. Intended to age, but excellent to be tasted as a young wine, it is really good with Sardinian dishes belonging to the strong rural tradition. To be tasted also with the traditional porceddu allo spiedo, with game and lamb (Agnello di Sardegna IGP), flavoured with scents as myrtle and saffron (Zafferano di Sardegna DOP).