Bardolino Superiore

Wine category: 
rosso giovane

Bardolino Superiore is one of the few wines of Veneto that can boast about DOCG, in a region where more than 20% of Italian quality wines is produced and where grapes have been cultivated for thousands of years. This wine is appreciated abroad, almost 70% of the production is exported in Europe, USA and Japan. The area of production includes different towns in Verona Province, located between the west bank of the river Adige and the south-east side of the Lake Garda. In the same area and with the same grapes the younger brother Bardolino DOC is produced in different versions: Classico, Chiaretto and Novello.

This land is highly specialized and very prolific as for vine-growing and wine-production. Here the passion for wine brought to exceptional results, during the last decades. Gastronomic culture is also broad, made up of traditions that over history developed differences in the cultivation of several and varied vegetables, breeding on the hills and mountains, lagoon and river fish, game, cheeses and agricultural products on a large scale as maize. DOP cheeses as Monte Veronese and Provolone Valpadana, IGP products as the rice Vialone Nano, and Radicchio, Pesca di Verona and polenta are some tasty examples. 

Morainic hills extending in these lands, benefit from a particular climate, mild both in the winter and in the summer and balanced by the rains. The vineyards overlooking the Lake Garda benefit from this climate. Grapes variety used in Bardolino Superiore are the most widespread in the area: corvina giving the wine fullness and colour, rondinella and molinara providing scents and fragrances. It is a pleasant wine, light and scented but not weak, bright ruby-red, with delicate winy and fruity flavour, fresh and balanced in the mouth. It can be tasted together with first course with ragu' or vegetables, delicate white meat or more savoury lagoon fish dishes. DOC versions are better with vegetable appetizers or cold cuts, aromatic soups and fried fish. In general, wines of  this family are meant to be tasted when young to appreciate their characteristics.