Barbera del Monferrato

Wine category: 
frizzante rosso
Asti, Alessandria

Barbera is one of the most iconic wines of Piemonte and, traditionally, its name is feminine by the farmers, possibly to compare it to a beautiful woman who makes men happy. The Barbera vine is the most widespread red berry kind in the region. Its origins, less ancient compared to other varieties grown in Piemonte, can be traced back to 1700 oin the land of Monferrato. Starting from the 1800s, when it was recognized as a very strong and productive vine, its diffusion has been unstoppable. It has been considered just a rustic farmer's wine, strong and without personality for a long time, but in recent years it has seen a great growth in quality thanks to a greater care both in the vineyards and in the cellars.

Monferrato, laid out in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, is a hills region almost completely covered by vineyards and the Barbera grown in these lands is the most similar to the original strain: it is a strongly scented wine, often sparkling, more delicate and easier to drink compared to the other most known varieties, Barbera d'Asti and Barbera d'Alba. The color is a mild ruby red, and it often features young violet hues. Intense aromas are flowery and fruity derived from the grapes, with scent of rose, cherry and plum. Medium structured but elegant, Barbera del Monferrato is a warm and dry wine, with a strong acid note enhanced by the effervescence of the variety locally called Barbera Vivace.

This wine is often used in Piemonte to go with the whole meal, it is perfect coupled with cold cuts or medium-aged cheese, with first courses, boiled meat and grilled pork. It is nice also with river fosh dishes such as the local  Tinca Gobba Dorata del Pianalto di Poirino DOP.

From 2008 the version Barbera del Monferrato Superiore has obtained DOCG. Be aged at least 14 months with 6 in barrel and compared to the DOC wine is more structured and soft.