Aleatico di Gradoli

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Dessert wine
dessert rosso o liquoroso

Aleatico di Gradoli is a sweet rarity unknown to most people. It releases such an aromatic personality as a fortified wine, that it can be compared even to Porto. It is produced exclusively in the city of Gradoli and in a few nearby towns, in the northern area of Viterbo Province, among the tuff hills of the Volsini Mounts, looking over Bolsena lake,  wonderful touristic summer site. The origins of Aleatico grapes are old, disputed between the Etruscans and the Greeks, but a legend links this vine to a devil terrifying the inhabitants of Gradoli who couldn't get rid of it. One day the devil found a lion sleeping in his cave. He tried to drive him away, but the lion defeated him and the devil fell into Hell. Nonetheless, his stick was stuck  into the ground and the day after a vine was growing on the stick, Aleatico vine. As a sign of gratitude, the citizens of Gradoli put on their crest the lion and the stick with the vine.

Aleatico di Gradoli is a consistent wine, with a very dark ruby red colour. Its scents are intense and aromatic of dog rose and violet, red fruit and blackberry jam. In the mouth it is a sweet nectar, with soft, hot and all-encompassing taste, balanced and with good acidity. It is a high quality wine, above all in the Riserva variety, that ripens in two years in the barrel and in one year in the bottle. It is a meditation wine to be served with desserts and dry cookies, with almond paste and with the sweet Easter cake. It should also be tasted with nuts and chestnuts, typical of the region, possibly with a chocolate cream.