Recipes made easy

Potatoes and kidney beans

A traditional, warm and satisfying dish to spend winter nights in front of a fireplace, even in Southern Italy (Potenza, Basilicata).

Rigatoni alla carbonara

A great dish of Roman tradition (Lazio, Central Italy) which is served in every typical restaurant and on every Roman family table.

Risotto Modenese

Traditional dish from Emilia-Romagna. It has a strong aromatic taste, and it is perfect for cold winter dinners.

A perfect match between sweet and salty for a Northern Italy (Varese, Lombardia) first course.

Roasted turbot with chicory and balsamic vinegar

A classy recipe with precious ingredients for special meals from Northern Cantral Italy (Reggio Emililia, Emilia Romagna).

A classic Italian dish enriched by the unique taste of Pancetta Piacentina DOP.

A fresh cheese from Northern Italy (Piemonte) and fresh Summer fruit join for a delicious, tasty and healthy dish!

Rolls with Asiago DOP

Meat rolls with a creamy heart fron Nothern Italy (Veneto).