Recipes made easy

Garlic butter

A fantastic seasoning for meat and fish dishes or toasted bread with a strong and persistent flavour,  coming from Northern Italy (Ferrara, Emilia...

A typical recipe from Lombardia. A sure winner for its strong taste and the ease of preparation.

Grilled eggplants and Casatella Trevigiana DOP Millefoglie

A perfect dish from Northern Italy (Treviso, Veneto) for a summer dinner.

Hazelnut Pie

Form Viterbo (Lazio, Central Italy) comes the typical hazelnut pie, delicious both as dessert and for breakfast.


Honey baby carrots

A nice sweet and sour side dish which will be appreciated by kids, too.

Honey Pie

A fantastic breakfast pie to start the day with the sweetness and the energy of honey from Veneto.

Italian Omelette with Basilico Genovese DOP

Very traditional dish of Northern Italy (Genova, Liguria), born as a dressing for pasta, it is also excellent in soups and on polenta or...

Lamb with saffron

A recipe from the island of Sardinia featuring the color and flavour of an ancient and precious spice.