Recipes made easy

From the mountains of the Tuscan Appennino in Central Italy (Lucca, Toscana), a simple dessert to treat kids and adults.

Fettuccine with Asiago DOP

A dish for festivities featuring a tasty cheese from the Nothern Italian mountains of Veneto.

From the homeland of Prosciutto Crudo in Central Italy (Parma, Emilia Romagna), an exquisite cold cut is the base of a sweet, tasty and fresh...

A special "honey" made with figs, but no bees! It is ideal to give a peculiar taste to booth sweet and savory dishes, coming from a Sun-filled...

Fillet with Spressa delle Giudicarie DOP sauce

Flavors and scents from Northern Italy (Trento, Trentino Alto Adige) for an extraordinary winter recipe!


A perfect dish for cold winter nights in the mountains of Northern Italy (Valle d'Aosta) and everywhere!

Formai de Mut nuggets

From the valleys of Northern Italy (Lombardia) comes an enticing entree, starter or appetizer.

Fossa cheese carpaccio

A stylish entree with a strong flavor based on a very peculiar cheese from Central Italy (Marche and Emilia Romagna).