Recipes made easy

Chocolate Cilento Figs

A sweet treat from Southern Italy (Salerno, Campania).

Ciliegia dell'Etna DOP flowers

Enjoy a sweet moment with this delicious fruit from Southern Italy (Sicily).

A tasty recipe from Central Italy (Tuscany) for a rich dish, perfect for a Sunday lunch.

Conchiglioni stuffed with Canestrato Pugliese

A recipe from Southern Italy (Foggia and Bari, Puglia) perfect for the cold winter nights. Simple ingredients for a rich dish.

Cookie with Castagne di Vallerano DOP

This fruit, coming from Central Italy (Viterbo, Lazio), is good for both courses and desserts... in this case, we have a dessert.  

Cream of Asparago bianco di Bassano DOP Soup

A cream soup to warm the cold nights of Northern Italy (Bassano, Veneto)

Crudo di Cuneo DOP crostoni

Hot bread and prosciutto crudo: an exceptional appetizer from Northern Italy (Cuneo, Piemonte), typical all over Italy.

Eggplant and Pagnotta del Dittaino DOP pie

Enjoy a morsel of Sicily with this light and tasty recipe: a simple but flavory dish with many typical ingredients from this sunny land.