Speck and Grana Padano DOP rolls

Speck and Grana Padano DOP rolls
Ingredients for 4 people: 
  • 500 g of French pastry
  • 150 g of speck
  • 100 g of Grana Padano DOP
  • 2 egg yolks

An easy and tasty dish from Central Italy to go along a glass of wine for a nice and informal appetizer!

Preparation steps: 
  • Cut the Grana Padano in small cubes.
  • Chop the speck.
  • Mix speck and Grana Padano.
  • Flatten the pastry.
  • Cut 8  rectangles of about 8 by 4 cm.
  • Pour the yolks in a bowl.
  • Whisk them.
  • Pour a tablespoon of water in the bowl.
  • Mix.
  • Brush the pastry with the egg yolks.
  • Place the speck and Grana Padano mix on the pastry.
  • Close the rolls and seal tightly.
  • Brush the rolls with the remaining yolks.
  • Place them on a non-stick baking plate.
  • Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 210°C.
  • Serve hot.