Ricotta Romana DOP


Ricotta Romana DOP is an excellent fresh cheese made with whole milk whey coming from Lazio sheep breeds, such as Sarda, Comisana, Sopravissana, Massese. Pastures and grass reserves are the only food for the sheep and the reason behind the sweet flavours of the whey.

Its production in the Lazio country areas dates way back. Cato the Elder collected the rules of sheepherding in the Roman Republic, where sheep milk had three main uses: religious, drink and cheese. At the beginning of 1900 it was the only source of food, and thus of survival, for the sehhep herders who produced it.

Ricotta Romana DOP is made following traditional techniques: whey is warmed up to 90°C and stirred lightly to help it coagulate in small flakes. Flakes are gathered and put in the traditional cone shaped pots called fuscelle.

Ricotta made like this has a fine texture, white colored and with a peculiarly sweet milk flavored taste.

Ricotta Romana is usually enjoyed fresh by itself or alongside with fruit jams or honey or as an ingredient of sweet and salty dishes traditional or not.