Prosciutto Crudo di Cuneo DOP

Prosciutto Crudo di Cuneo DOP
Cuneo, Asti, Torino

Prosciutto Crudo di Cuneo DOP is produced in the North Western part of Italy, in Piemonte, in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Turin. This area features a fair climate which does never become too hot in the SUmmer or too cold in the Winter. The Alps make it possible for winds to keep the humidity level down to help aging.

Pigs have been bred in this area for centuries; breeding farms belonged to the different monasteries and abbeys scattered in the region. Evidence of the aging of prosciutto is found in accounting books of 1630. According to the books, the best parts of the prosciutto were destined to the bishop and the abbot and the rest to the elders.

Prosciutto Crudo diCuneo DOP is produced exclusively from thighs of pigs born and bred in the area and fed with local cereals. Prosciutto is seasoned with salt, sometimes with a salt flavored with pepper and other spices, left to dry in the cold and put to season in ventilated places. The derived meat is red, soft, thick and with a little fat.

The best way to enjoy it is raw as an appetizer or with mica, a traditional Piemonte bread made with a long leavening. It is a good match form the Timorasso white wine, an local high quality vine with a very limited production.

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