Pecorino Romano DOP

Pecorino Romano DOP
Lazio, Sardinia, Tuscany
Frosinone, Grosseto, Latina, Roma, Viterbo, Nuoro, Cagliari, Sassasri

Pecorino Romano DOP is a hard cheese, tasty and savoury, made from sheep milk. Its origins are well in the past and are linked to the territory of Roma and Lazio. It is told that roman legionaries used to add an ounce of this cheese to heir daily spelt, to gain more vigour and energy before a battle. It was the perfect food to be brought along due to its great durability. Most of this cheese, almost 90% of it, is in fact made in Sardinia. This happens because an 1884 law by the mayor of Rome made the salting of cheese illegal and the majority of the producers moved to Sardinia, where sheep herding was one of the most important activities.

It is a hand-made cheese even today. The milk is rigorously whole sheep milk id pasteurized and coagulated using the rennet of lambs coming from tje same area. The wheels of cheese have a cylindric shape and weigh from 20 to 35 kilos.  They age for at least 5 months for the eating kind, and at least 8 for the grating kind. It has to show a thin, yellow or ivory colored, crust. The flesh has to be compact or slightly punctured. The taste is peculiarly aromatic, slightly piquant on the eating king, and piquant and savoury in the grating kind.

It is used the most as a grating cheese to season pasta or soups. Due to its strong flavour, it is best sprinkled on dishes featuring savoury, like the typical bucatini alla matriciana or rigatoni alla carbonara, or in the cacio e pepe pasta, where Pecorino Romano is an essential ingredient. It is faboulous in various fondues or savoury and succulent meat dishes. Try to taste in the legendary match with pears to make a believer out of you!