Mela Val di Non DOP

Mela Val di Non DOP
Trentino Alto Adige

Mela Val di Non DOP is grown in the autonomous province of Trento, in the valleys of the bed of river Noce: Val di Non and Val di Sole . The very nature of those territories, rich in magnesium, and the climate determine the features everyone enjoy. Val di Non apples are fresh, juicy and crunchy.

The Val di Non apple farmers use rowing techniques based on the trees' natural biologic rhythms, reducing chemical treatments to a minimum to obtain a wholesome product which preserves and protects the environment. Sprinkle irrigation is normally used and it becomes spectacular during the Summer, when it is used on large territories. Picking is performed between August and November, involving in a collective rite both farmers and common folk. Once picked, the apple are divided according to their weight and their quality and put on the market.

Mela Val di Non is grown in three varieties only: Golden Delicious (yellow-green, crunchy and juicy), Red Delicious (red, fleshy and sweet) and Renetta del Canada (yellow or green with a different texture and taste depending on the time of consumption, ranging from a crunchy and acidic flesh to a pasty and sweet flesh).

Apple is traditionally a very versatile fruit in the kitchen, mainly used in the preparation of simple and delicious desserts, such as apple pie or apple pancakes. The more recent matchings with meat dishes (mainly poultry or pork) are not to be forgotten. Apple's healing features have been known for a long time: it has a beneficial effect on teeth and gums and it can be used in the care of the skin of neck and cleavage, thanks ti its moisturizing and toning features.

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