Cipollotto Nocerino DOP

Napoli, Salerno

Cipollotto Nocerinp DOP is a bulb grown in the lands of the countryside of Sarno and Nocera in the province of Salerno, and in the area of Pompeii and Castellammare di Stabia in the province of Naples. These flat lands feature are particularly fertile, and they are the growing soil of other excellent products such as Pomodoro San Marzanp DOP.

Historically, Cipollotto Nocerino DOP is a very ancient vegetable; it has been grown in this area for more than 2,000 years. It is depicted in Pompeii where, due to the sacrality it was given to it thanks to its healing properties, it was painted in a chapel where the Lari (the home gods) were revered.

Cipollotto Nocerino is is picked at the end of spring, before it reaches its complete maturation; it has a fresh taste and a fresh aroma. Its flesh is sweet and succulent, and it has intensely cored leaves. It isĀ  not easy to preserve, so it is enjoyed rest, thanks also to its high digestibility.

It is often used in salads alongside other local products and as an ingredient of other traditional dishes such as fish first courses.

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