Castagna di Vallerano DOP

Castagna di Vallerano DOP

The Castagna di Vallerano DOP (Vallerano Chestnut) is a fruit produced exclusively in the area of the homonymous village located in Viterbo Province,  on the Cimini mountains. This area revealed itself as particularly suitable for the chestnut development: its volcanic lands, rich in organic materials and well drained provide an excellent supply of potassium, lipid and carbohydrate.  

In these places the employment of the chestnut was already known in ancient times, as witnessed by the discovery in the woods of many caves with basins to preserve the chestnuts and of "radicci", small buildings for desiccation. Certainly, the chestnut here was used long before cereals cultivation began.

Today in Vallerano there are around 635 hectares of chestnut trees whose chestnut is recognized everywhere as a product of excellent quality, appreciated both for its sweet and delicate taste and for its resistance to cooking.  

As for cooking, it is good for several uses: boiled or cooked on the fire (the classic "caldarrosta", roast chestnut), glazed (marron glacé), as marmalade, as a dressing for roast meat, as ingredient for many other cakes, it is also sold as flour, very good to prepare castagnaccio.

Every year, between October and November a feast for the Vallerano chestnut takes place, where it is possible to taste many specialties prepared with chestnuts. 

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