Arancia di Ribera DOP

Arancia di Ribera DOP

Arancia di Ribera Dop is an exceptional fruit grown in the province of Agrigento, in the valleys oh rovers Verdura and Magazzolo: this variety of orange shows its best traits in these sunny lands with a ground rich in clay and a fair weather influenced by the sea.

At the beginning of 1800, this area produced excellent melarance and other citrus fruits, which were taken to Palermo and exported to America. In the 1930s some farmers bought some "Brasiliano" orange trees, which got accustomed perfectly in that region, with abundant and quality productions, which replaced the ancient plants.

Today, the the "Arancia di Robera" Protected Denomination of Origin is reserved only to the Brasiliano, Washington and Navel, which feature an exotic fruit and vanilla aroma; Navelina, an "earlier" variety, which has scents of strawberry and vanilla.

Arancia di Ribera Dop has yellow flesh, no seeds and it is known and appreciated for its sweetness. It is also healthy, due to the high amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, vitamin C and minerals: a single orange contains the daily dosage of vitamin C.

It is good to eat as it is and to squeeze, thanks to its juiciness. It is often used in desserts, but it is good alongside meat or fish, too: it can be found in many typical Sicilian dishes, such as the classic insalata di arance (orange salad) or the tasty sarde a beccafico.

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