Aglio di Voghiera DOP

Aglio di Voghiera DOP
Emilia Romagna

Aglio di Voghiera DOP (Voghiera garlic) is a niche product grown in the Ferrara area in Emilia Romagna, and its quality is inextricably linked to the land it is grown in: the clayish-muddy soils and the typical Pianura Padana climate provide it with features such as regularity and compactness of its bulb, its shony white color, its large dimension and its high durability. This vegetable played an important role in the economy of the area in the last decades, allowing many farms to develop while preserving the land and the link with tradition . Garlic is picked between June and July and put to dry in the sun without any kind of treatment; once dried, it is arranged by hand in the typical "braids".

There are many hypotheses on the origin of garlic: It was known for sure by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, who thought it had tonic and cleansing properties. In the Middle Ages, it was thought good for contrasting plague.

Garlic is, in fact, a fine bactericide, thanks to the presence of Allicin, the same component which gives it that typical sharp color: it has to be eaten raw, though, because its properties are wasted by high temperatures.

In the Ferrara cuisine, garlic is a main character, being a perfect ingredient and companion to many traditional dishes, particularly fish. It is also an aroma giver in the preparation of cold cuts. The Agliata is a typical sauce made with bread, garlic, oil and vinegar used to season boiled meat and fish recipes.

Every year at the beginning of August, at the Fair of Aglio di Voghiera DOP, many local garlic-based products, such as bruschetta with garlic cream, garlic-flavored bread and cold cuts, can be tasted.

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